Word Wide Web Solution

by Jen McTeague

This puzzle references the Poetry of Reason, on Tufts' campus. All of the circles on the paper grid correspond to one of the circles with art on the sculpture itself. Looking at the sculpture itself, solvers can fill out the full grid.

Solvers can also fill out all of the crossword clues, which are presented in alphabetical order by answer.

lambda: Money given to poor people (4)ALMS
hypercube: ___ de Arnas (3)ANA
red black tree: Old name for gold (5)AURUM
axon: Designated hitter's tool (3)BAT
power set of n: Forcibly pull into the military (5)DRAFT
power set of n: Not wet (3)DRY
conductance of a graph: Item alchemists often turned to gold (4)LEAD
traveling salesman: Angry (3)MAD
mosaic circle: Measure of magical power (4)MANA
mosaic circle: Capital of the Philippines (6)MANILA
ecg: Les ___ (3)MIS
traveling salesman: Images of the body obtained with magnets (4)MRIS
or gate: Say something indistinctly (6)MUMBLE
regular expression: ___-cited (3)OFT
bob: Choose (3)OPT
rubber duck: ____ Pong (4)PING
dna segment: Remove liquid from a container (4)POUR
bayes' theorem: Edge of a basketball hoop (3)RIM
sierpinski's triangle: Decays (4)ROTS
y combinator: Item found in a bottle (4)SHIP
circuit symbol: Polite term of address (3)SIR
hello world scheme: Ejected saliva (4)SPAT
y combinator: Something a traitor does to your back (4)STAB
y combinator: What red wine can do to white carpet (5)STAIN
cellular automata: Level of a building (5)STORY
elliptic curve crypto: ""Lights out"" bugle call (4)TAPS

Now to place the words in the grid. The instructions for this are provided in the grid, and are true, except that there are two entries that are unclued. These entries are FIRMS and PUBLISHING, which combine to form the answer PUBLISHING FIRMS.

(Note that TAPS and SPAT are the same path, but in reverse on the grid.)