Quintuple Jeopardy Solution

by Ata Gurpinar and Julia Tenney

Each of the responses can be a question to one of the clues if the ? is replaced with one of who/what/where/when/why and the 5 is replaced with a five-letter word. Solvers can use the fact that the clues are in alphabetical order by the word that replaces the 5 to help solve the last couple clues.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is the mayor, though arguably Argentina's president Alberto Fernández has some say in the capital city as well.WHO is in charge of Buenos AIRES?
Because unicode is a better standard for encompassing a larger range of characters across many languages (and even provides the much-desired ability to use emoji).WHY isn't texting limited to ASCII characters?
Because his knowledge of fauna, which he relied on when writing The Jungle Book, came from Robert Armitage Sterndale, someone using the word bhalu for all bears.WHY did Rudyard Kipling name the bear BALOO?
At the northeast corner of Trum Field, next to the intersection of Broadway and Charles E Ryan Road.WHERE can I find a statue with an EAGLE on it?
She was the author of Ethan Frome.WHO was EDITH Wharton?
Not until after Labor Day, according to the QR code posted on the front door of 515 Medford Street.WHEN can I book an appointment at FLOAT?
In different host cities around the world every two years (alternating summer events and winter events).WHERE are the Olympic GAMES held?
Crete, which lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just west of Cyprus.WHAT is the largest GREEK island?
Someone liking a tweet or someone appreciating a Facebook post more than a simple thumbs-up would imply.WHO reacts with a HEART?
From 794 to 1868, until Edo was renamed to Tokyo and took over the designation.WHEN was KYOTO the Japanese capital?
Because the art movement is literally named after his painting Impression, soleil levant.WHY is Claude MONET considered the founder of impressionism?
Oliver Chase produced them after inventing a lozenge cutting machine, renaming them to their current moniker after his company merged with other confectionery companies in the Boston area.WHO created NECCO wafers?
It's a gathering place at 504 Medford Street for members of the eponymous organization.WHAT is the NESFA clubhouse?
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has them cast in bronze and then finished in 24-karat gold plating.WHAT are OSCAR statuettes made of?
After it is ground up and before it is grilled into a hamburger.WHEN is beef formed into a PATTY?
Arguably in the early 20th century with simple matrices of monochromatic lightbulbs, but it wasn't popularized until the era of 8-bit and 16-bit video games in the late 20th century.WHEN was PIXEL art invented?
Because the establishment at 37 Woodbine St has a sign implying that they would get better service in Moscow.WHY can't PUTIN fans go to Zaruma Gold Coffee?
Usually in a cup, perfect for adding the hot water needed to cook it.WHAT container does instant RAMEN come in?
In the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, with her older brother, Jem, and her father, Atticus Finch.WHERE does SCOUT live?
In dating apps such as Tinder, it lets the service know you are not interested in someone.WHAT does SWIPE left do?
At any place that serves breakfast or brunch, or even your own kitchen as long as you have a slice of bread.WHERE can I get TOAST?
Henry Cobb, despite someone else's famous signature on the side of the building (though it is simply called 200 Clarendon Street these days).WHO designed the Jon Hancock TOWER?
In text messages (and online messaging), as shorthand for "you're a cutie,"" because early text messaging was character-limited.WHERE is URAQT used?
In 1897, only two years after releasing The Time Machine.WHEN did H. G. WELLS publish The Invisible Man?
Because they're a popular appetizer at Olde Magoun's Saloon, but tenders are available as an alternative menu option.WHY are chicken WINGS on the menu?

Each of the twenty-five responses can be assigned to the Jeopardy grid at the top of the puzzle. For the column, each of the responses can fit into one of the five given categories. For the row, the five responses in a column can be sorted by WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY order, the same order that they are used in the flavor text.

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For each of the five letter words, index into it by the dollar amount (divided by 100) to get the phrase THE ANSWER AXOLOTL QUESTIONS.

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