Only Fans Solution

by Andrew Esten

Each of the clues on the left side clues a word that starts with PRO or CON. When you remove the prefix from those words, they form new words that are clued by the words on the right. Index the words without CON/PRO by the numbers next to the right clues. However, as clued by the flavor text, the PRO words are indexed forwards and the CON words are indexed backwards. Put in the order of the left-hand clues, the indexed letters spell the answer WIND CHILL FACTOR.

Left-Hand ClueLeft AnswerRight ClueRight AnswerIndexAnswer
1. Mathematician John known for his Game of Life"CONWAYStreetWAY3W
2. Inner sense of what's morally right or wrongCONSCIENCESubjectSCIENCE5I
3. Gas used for grillingPROPANEWindowPANE3N
5. Sidewalk materialCONCRETEIslandCRETE5C
6. Comedy band "Flight of the ___"CONCHORDSTriadsCHORDS5H
7. Makes moneyPROFITSTantrumsFITS2I
8. Side view of someone's facePROFILEDocumentFILE3L
9. Wii or PlayStation 5, e.g.CONSOLEFishSOLE2L
10. BewildermentCONFUSIONCombinationFUSION6F
11. British police officerCONSTABLEBarnSTABLE4A
12. Manitoba or Ontario, e.g.PROVINCEVaughnVINCE4C
13. Sit-in, for examplePROTESTQuizTEST4T
14. Part of an atom's nucleusPROTONWeightTON2O
15. Tool used in geometry classPROTRACTORVehicleTRACTOR7R