Just the One Solution

by Christopher Cotton

Each of the people has a rule about what they like and what they don't like. Start by finding the rule for each person. Their name is also a clue for the rule.

PersonLikesLike RuleDislikesDislike Rule
1. AliceBeachhead, MagicalOnly uses the first half of the alphabetProvost, Topsy-TurvyOnly uses the second half of the alphabet
2. BobBreadcrumb, ClassicStarts and ends with the same letterMealtime, ThousandthRepeated bigram at the beginning and end
3. BriellaCheerleader, SummerDouble lettersCockerel, Photometer3 letter palindromic substring
4. BuzzClink, GurgleOnomatopoeiasEureka, HurrayInterjections
5. LangstonSchmidt, Twelfth6 consonantsKauai, Queue4 vowels
6. LondonCriticism, WesternOne repeated vowelDialogue, EuphoriaSupervocalic
7. MargotDebt, SalmonSilent letterEvident, VividAll letters are pronounced
8. RondaDeal, NoirAnagram of a chemical elementHeart, RifeAnagram of a classical element
9. SamaraCapricorn, DecoyContains the first three letters of a monthBeryl, FrillsContains the last three letters of a month
10. StuartHijinks, Wurst3 consecutive letters in the alphabet in orderCoupons, Fedora3 consecutive letters in the alphabet backwards

Each of the words from the top of the circle fits into one or more of the 10 rules. There is only one way to assign one word to one person such that every word fits in that person's rule.

1. AliceOnly uses the first half of the alphabet           X        
2. BobStarts and ends with the same letter       X   X   X    
3. BriellaDouble letters     X   X     XX  
4. BuzzOnomatopoeiasX                  
5. Langston6 consonants         X   XX    
6. LondonOne repeated vowelX   X     X        
7. MargotSilent letter             XX   X
8. RondaAnagram of a chemical element   X                
9. SamaraContains the first three letters of a month                   X
10. Stuart3 consecutive letters in the alphabet in order     X   X          

Now that each name is associated with one word from the circle, draw lines between each pair on the big circle.

The uncrossed letters spell READ XS UP. Reading all the places where two lines cross over a letter from the bottom up gives the phrase LOOSE LEAF BINDER