Insomnia Solution

by Ata Gurpinar

This is a metapuzzle and uses the answers to the puzzles in this round.

A Completely Normal Variety Cryptic with No ShenanigansNO PARKING
Everyday DisguisesLONE WOLVES

The three puzzle answers to this round are each two words: the first word indicates the number 0, 1 or 2; and the second words contain unique unshared letters:

The fifteen clues in this meta puzzle each have a three letter answer. If each letter in an answer is substituted with the digit matching the puzzle answer word containing that letter, ternary numbers from 1 to 26 are formed:

Husband's monogramHIS20119S
Omelette requirementEGG1009I
Having moistureWET11214N
Frozen waterICE0217G
Calculate sumADD0228H
Companion animalPET0125E
Paving goopTAR20018R
Supporting prefixPRO0011A
Coffee warningHOT21223W
Solar bodySUN12015O
Landing predictionETA12015O
Ship's realmSEA11012L
Actress GodotGAL0011A
Baby foxKIT0022B
Color aspectHUE22125Y

Reading in the presented order gives the solution SING HER A WOOLABY.