Drum Line Solution

by Andrew Esten

Solve the marching bands as normal. Band F indicates that 15 clues have band names in them. Find the 15 band names hidden in the clues and read the first letters of their answer in clue order to spell the answer, JOHN PHILIP SOUSA.

1Comedy that's made up on the spotIMPROVAMake better; work the kinks out ofIMPROVE
Radiate (from)EMANATEMarine mammals with a shade of grey named for themMANATEES
With mouth openAGAPEHeavy machinery used to fill a dump truck or train carLOADER
3Group that plays fight songs at basketball games (2 wds)PEPBANDPrefix meaning height"ACRO
Pokes fun.JOSHESHeld by a third party as a tool in financial transactions (2 wds)IN ESCROW
4Ready to rush to the stage after the current act (2 wds)ON NEXTShirts worn while experiencing R.E.M. (2 wds)PAJAMA TOPS
CompetitorENTRANTBGoad forward (2 wds)URGE ON
5"Bummer, dude" (2 wds)TOO BADEpic story, like in the Book of Genesis or The OdysseySAGA
Buffy Summers, for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", e.g.HEROINEPasta that's totally tubularPENNE
6"Open sesame" utterer (2 wds)ALI BABAWords at the end of a threat (2 wds)OR ELSE
Brand that's SENATE in a new orderNESTEARunning late to classTARDY
7NBA star Karl, nicknamed ""the Mailman""MALONEPalindromic comedian GadsbyHANNAH
With ""the"", time-traveling alien on the BBCDOCTORThrong of peopleMOB
8Beaded counting devicesABACIAll by oneselfALONE
Gendered units of work (hyph.)MAN-HOURSCClassic American sandwich, for short (4 wds)PB AND J
9Punk rocker who founded an eponymous group (2 wds)JOEY RAMONEOrg. that requires hardhats for men at workOSHA
Norse goddess of the underworld, or a homophone of the underworldHELHirsute Addams cousinITT
10Dutch beer brand named for a riverAMSTELRental for a moving journey? (hyph.)U-HAUL
Bison/cattle hybrid with a portmanteau nameBEEFALOClownfish's homeANEMONE
11Fantastic, marvelous, the cream of the cropPHENOMENALMarine mammal with an outdoor exhibit at the aquarium in Boston (2 wds)SEA LION
It's south of Can. (abbr.)USADTo an ___ (somewhat)EXTENT
12"I ___ Be Sedated"WANNA1920's slang for a gunROSCOE
Full of aqua and no longer thirstyHYDRATEDWeak, like a poor attemptFEEBLE
13Brutish creature of Middle EarthORCBaseball legend who did not lend his name to a salad (2 wds)TY COBB
Service provided at assisted living homes (2 wds)SENIOR CAREEStick (to), as a faith or creedADHERE
Cry of dismay (2 wds)OH NO
FIt's often written on the front of a bass drum, or a component of fifteen notable clues (2 wds)BAND NAME